Billing Policy

Invoicing is done by either e-mail or postal mail. You can change or modify this at anytime by e-mailing with your preference.
We reserve the right to charge for postal invoices as we are aiming to become paper free as part of our enviromental policy.

We reserve the right not to register or renew domain names or hosting packages on excisitng clients until invoices for renewal accounts have been paid
As of the 15th November 2010  all clients we will no longer be able to purchase new product without full payment being made at time of purchase by debit/credit card using our secure payment server.

Billing Cycles
Your billing cycle corresponds to the contract length that was initially chosen at setup. Your account will renew at this length.
You will receive a reminder email six weeks, four weeks and two weeks prior to the expiry date for your service. This email gives you an opportunity to cancel the renewal of the service. If you do not cancel the service prior to the expiry date we reserve the right to bill you for the service delivered.  As our service is based around customer managed control panel, a virtual vending machine, customers are responsible for ensuring their services are renewed or terminated as needed and invoices generated as needed. Where you do not generate service invoices or pay the issued invoice but continue to benefit from all or part of the service we reserve the right to charge in full for the service used. 

.eu domain names renew automatically on their anniversary.
Where we repeat bill your debit/credit card you will be automatically charged and need take no action. Where you pay for domains via email invoices our standard terms for payment will apply.
Provided that we receive notice to to delete the domain names within 24 hours of their expiry date we will not renew the domains.

Where you do not terminate the auto renewal of your eu domain, our charges for renewing the domains will apply.

You can change the length of your billing cycle by e-mailing
Domains can only be renewed on receipt of cleared funds.

Where you do not pay for services within our standard terms of business we reserve the right to suspend the service and withdraw support.

Returned Cheques
There is a £20.00 processing fee for all returned cheques.
Credit Card Chargeback
There is a £30.00 processing fee for all illegitimate credit card chargebacks.

Please note that if you register a domain through our service and/or create a hosting account and subsequently decide for whatever reason that you do not wish to continue it may not be possible to offer you a full refund. In all cases we reserve the right to charge £10 per domain for deleting domains and/or hosting accounts from our systems where this occurs within 30 days of signup or where fees remain outstanding. Please do not sign up for our service and register domains 'just to test it' as you will be charged for the removal of the account. Where a genuine error has been made we will endeavor to correct the situation.

Overdue Invoices (added 23/04/03)
If you do not pay the charges in accordance with the provisions of this Contract, or break this Contract in any other way, or are subject to bankruptcy or insolvency proceedings we can (without prejudicing, losing or reducing any other right or remedy) suspend Service, wholly or partially, without notice (but the User remains liable during the suspension to pay charges for Service), or terminate this Contract by immediate notice, without prejudice to our pre-existing rights.
You continue to be liable to pay all charges which are due for Service during any period in which you do not comply with this Contract.
All unpaid invoices which are more than 60 days old will be subject to a surcharge of £5 or 5% of the total invoice value (whichever is the greater)
If suspension of service occurs for any reason you will be liable for a reconnection charge of £25

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