Domain update

From 1st February 2018, all of the domains we manage with Total Web Solutions Ltd, Trading as Totalregistrations will be migrated to our alternative wholesale providers.As each domain is renewed by customers the migration will take place. We urge customers to order their renewals at least 7 days prior to expiry, preferably 14 days or ... Read More »

5th Feb 2018
Rack1 Power issue

Power to the 8 servers in Rack 1 was restored earlier today after the PDU suffered a complete failure over the weekend.

The control panel, master database and load balancers are now running again.

6th Jun 2016
Mail Delay

A fault with one of the core database tables handling the mail relaying has resulted in mail being accepted and put into a queue for the last 12 hours. The table has been repair without issue and the mail backlog is currently clearing at about 15,000 mails an hour. We expect all mail to have been delivered before the end of the working day. Read More »

23rd Feb 2016
Live Networks Acquires Netserve Hosting

Live Networks Limited has aquired the trade and assets of Netserve Consultants Ltd as of 1st October 2015.Customers will notice some minor changes to the setup and web sites together with the transfer of hosting services to new hardware.Any customers with any questions or queries should direct them to our support ticket system.Many ... Read More »

7th Nov 2015
Payment gateway migration

From today all debit and credit card payments are being handled via paypal. 

Customers do not need to have a paypal account in order to make debit/credit card payments the Paypal service operates in exactly the same way as our previous HSBC/Sagepay Merchant account and gateway.

23rd Oct 2015
.UK Registrations are now LIVE

If you own a you can now register a domain with using just .uk For example is now www.netserve.ukRegistrations cost £10 for 2 yearsCurrently domain owners with existing registrations have first refusal on domains with owners of domains getting the first choice on the equivalent .uk ... Read More »

10th Jun 2014