Environmental Policy

Netserve Consultancy, Domain City and NW Colo Ltd are committed to playing there part to reduce the amount of carbon it produces and play an active role in preserving our global world for future generation.

This is how we intend to play our part in preserving our world for future generations.

The key points of our strategy to preserve our world for generation include;

    *      Minimise waste – Both companies are almost paper less and aim to promote the use of paperless administration and aim to recycle up to 75% of all day to day waste.

    *      Use energy efficient equipment within our data centre and conduct an annual audit to evaluate if there is more that could be done.

    *      Meet or exceed all the environmental legislation and set up pledge to carbon offset up to 30 tons of carbon each year, through an accredited offset programme.

    *      Reduce our individual carbon footprint, by encouraging employees to cycle to work or to car share schemes.

    *      Work with the local and national governments and key energy partners to look further at ways to use more renewable energy sources within our data facility.

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